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May 5, 2010

CVS 5/5/2010

I went back to CVS today because I needed the hair products. I paid $2.67 and earned $5 in ECBs as the Nivea applied to my prior purchase. I used a B1G1 and a $1/1 on the lip moisturizer, the FX curl products were B1G1 free at $6.59 and the Revlon was $4.97 each.
I got to my car and looked at my receipt and realized I overpaid for the Revlon (should have been 2 for $5.00). Therefore, I went back in, they refunded me $4.70 and I earned another $1 ECB for them. Gotta fix their register.
Just a word of warning - ALWAYS check your receipts before you leave. You may find a big error like I did.

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  1. Amanda,
    Just had to tell you I did my "very best" at CVS tonight!! I was so excited! Thanks to you!
    2 Gillette body washes for my hubby
    2 hershey candy bars for my hubby
    1 box of Whitmans candy for my step mom's day
    2 nivea lip products for me I suppose
    1 roll of earth essentials tissue for whoever!
    1 small trial size baby powder for me
    All of this for $2.70 of course with the $1.00 ecb buck I got on my receipt I could say it was actually $1.70!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was alittle upset because the gillette had a label of 4.48 but it rang up for 5.49 (I didn't complain since there was a line behind me) If I had not bought the expensive baby powder I would have only paid .70!!!!!!! (I actually thought I needed a filler and really didn't!! Thank You for you inspiration!!!! BTW - so glad you put a pic up!! Now everyone will put a face with your name when I speak of you.