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June 9, 2010

CVS - 6/9/10

Retail: 75.73 + tax Out of Pocket: $1.69 + 10.75 Savings: $74.04 ECBs earned: $16
PROFIT OF $3.56!!!!
The 4 shout were $10 and I had four .55/1 coupons. I earned $5 in ECBs.
The razor was 9.97 and I had a $4 coupon. Earned $5 in ECBs.
The stride gums were 1.29 and Buy 2 get 1 free. I used a B1G1 free coupon, so I only paid for one.
The Off clip refills were $3.99 and I had a raincheck to make them 2.99, a coupon for 3.00 from CVS, and a manufacturer Q for $1 - which gave me a $1 profit.
The chips were buy 2 for $1.98 and get $1 in ECBs - so I earned 2 ECBs.
The rolaids were $3.99 each, get $4 in ECBs, and I had a $4 coupon, which made both free.
The Godiva chocolates I had CVS coupons to B1G1 free - I bought 3 and used 3 B1G1 free coupons - all free.
The conditioner was 97 cents and I had a CVS coupon for $1 off a CVS hair product - 3 cents for me.
I used two $5/15 coupons (remember, this was split between 2 cards).

June 8, 2010

There is a Coupon Fairy...

Last night, I messed up at CVS and left myself with only $3 in ECBs to start with next week. Today I stopped by to see if they had my items in stock after the truck run today and I got a $2 ECB from the red machine. I was excited that I now had $5 in ECBs again. Tonight, I had an email from CVS that gave me the chance to take a survey for $10 in ECBs! I am now back to $15 in ECBs for next week!

June 7, 2010

CVS 6/7/2010

Retail: 113.66 OOP: 5.43 Savings: 108.23
Okay - I took advantage of the buy $25 in P&G products and get free toilet paper. I also had a .25/1 coupon for the TP.
The rolaids were 3.99 a bag and get 3.99 in ECBs and I had a coupon for $4/2 - essentially making them free.
The John Frieda was buy 2 at $5 each and get back $3 in ECBs and I used two $3/1 coupons.
The Glade candles were spend $10 and get $5 in ECBs. They were on sale for 2/$5. I had a 1.50/2 and a 2/2 coupon to use there. (This also qualifies for a SCJohnson $5 rebate by mail).
The crest was $1.99 and I had a 75/1 coupon for it.
The razor was 9.97 and I had a $4 coupon and it also gave you back $5 in ECBs.
The cascade was $3.99 and I had a $1/1 coupon.
The Aussie was 2.97 and 2.97 and I had a $1 coupon and a $2/1 coupon.
The Bounty was 6.97 and I had a $1.00 coupon.
The tampax were $2.97 and I had three $2/1 coupons.
The Bounty, Aussie, crest, tampax and cascade were the items that put me at the $25 to get the free Charmin.
There is also a package of Skittles there that got cut out of the picture. My balance was going in the negative, so they made me get something else.
I had some ECBs to start - $15 - and after all this and doing some rolling, I still left with $3 ECBs.

June 6, 2010

CVS - 6/6/10

Retail: $51.04 + tax OOP: $$3.50 Savings: $50.75
This was a pretty good day at CVS although they were out of almost everything I wanted. I did not earn any ECBs on this deal except for two $1 for using my green tags on the separate purchases. I also scored three of the $5/15 Qs to use on my next purchases (which will be done before they expire on Tuesday).
I used two $1 coupons for the Bounty paper towels.
$1/1 coupon for the dawn (made it free + .03 overage)
.25 on the toilet paper (which was already free with a $25 purchase of the other products from P&G)
1 coupon for free tampons
$2/1 for tampons
2 coupons for free always pads
I got the 3 notepads just to be able to use my 2 other Extracare cards so that I could possibly earn the $5/15 coupon.
Watch for new pictures in the next couple of days for my next trips to CVS!!!