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April 29, 2010

My First Post

I will not bore you with all the details of my prior shopping trips, but want to say welcome to my page.

I came into couponing at Thanksgiving when I visited my sister's house and had to go into her pantry. She had so much "STUFF" that I just had to call her in and ask why she had all this "STUFF". She reminded me that she had told me about her new couponing habits and that I had laughed at her. Well, when I saw all that she had for free to pennies, I was no longer laughing - I was HOOKED!

I bought the paper on Sunday (two copies actually) and have been going nonstop ever since. Now, my mother laughed at her also when she had 20 bottles of seasoned salt (although she only paid like a dime for each one), but when my mother came to my house and saw my 20 bottles of shampoo that I had gotten for free, she no longer laughed and started couponing herself.

I have been so blessed with this new way of life that I am able to help my children and others in need with the free things that I get that I cannot use or do not want, but know that it will help them. I hope to be able to reach out and help others who want to know how to do what I do and make it easy for them too.

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